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HPMport were firstly established as division of HPMlog in 1998. Reacting on the growing number of projects in the port industry, the company HPMport were brought alive in 2012. Broad experience over the whole supply chain allows HPMport together with HPMlog to provide consulting services from a logistics perspective. Due to the synergy effects, HPMport perform consulting activities beginning with the producer and sender of goods as point of entry up to the receiver and consumer as final destination within all transport and logistics chains. Clients profit from our vast experience because the members of our team have collaborated on numerous complex projects.

HPMport and HPMlog are independent of manufacturers and other institutions.


Logo HPMport consulting for ports and terminals



             HPMport develop strategies and concepts for logistics parks, container terminals, port operations and port related logistics facilities, focusing on optimisation and sustainability. Furthermore, we plan material flow systems with associated processes and IT structures for sea and inland container terminals.




HPMlog develop optimal logistics concepts and supply chain strategies. We also plan material flow systems with associated processes and IT structures for logistics service providers and goods manufacturers in such industries as machinery, pharma, food & beverage, retail, public sector and others.

HPMport Approach

Goal-oriented and structured approach, method-based and tool-supported project work. Decades of practical experience of our team bring the necessary impetus for the project’s success in the fields of Strategy & Master plan, Terminal Design & Engineering, Process Design & IT, Realisation & Go-live or Operational Excellence.


HPMport approach in consulting services for container terminals



HPMport Mission Statement

Hanseatic — to us this means that we reliably meet your expectations and keep our promises and commitments during implementation.

»We stand by our word – Today and Tomorrow.«

Pragmatic — to us this means finding solutions for your project that meet your requirements and focus on your future by means of fresh, creative and competent thinking.

»Our employees make it possible – through industry experience, their competence in methods and their ingenuity.«

Motivated — to us this means close cooperation in teams, mutual support and the exchanging of new ideas and information.

»Enjoying teamwork in an open atmosphere of humour and optimism is what motivates us and is behind our diligence.«

port — for the world of ports, terminals and cargo handling.


HPMport History

1998. Founded as HAMBURG PROJEKT MANAGEMENT GMBH, abbreviated as: HPMG

1999. Central. HPMG move to new offices and continue to grow in central Hamburg. With convincing performance, successful projects and recommendations we are able to considerably expand our customer base already during the first two years. New projects demanded a larger team that we began assembling.

2001. HPMG looks to the east. With a spares project for Agro Soyuz as the leading spare parts dealer in the Ukraine, we laid the foundation for our entry into the Russian market and have worked as a German consultancy for logistics in eastern Europe and specifically Russia ever since. A bit further east was then Taiwan.

2008.  It’s too confining. Still retaining the company name HPMG, we change locations and move to more spacious and modern office space at Hans-Henny-Jahnn-Weg in the district of Uhlenhorst. New room for new ideas and growth.

2009.  After more than ten years in business as HPMG, a new company name is sought to emphasize our ties more to logistics and our international orientation and to service as the starting point for further development with the aim of establishing a corporate group. HPMG becomes HPMlog Project & Management Consultants GmbH, with the same staff and the same spirit.

unternehmen_32012. Successful projects in the associated area of container terminals and ports lay the foundation for the establishment of HPMport as an affiliated company of HPMlog. It continues the consulting business for Ports & Terminals internationally in the shared office space.

2013. After taking our first steps to Asia already in 2001 by way of Taiwan and China, we are once again active in the Far East and now advise clients in Vietnam and Singapore.


Today. HPMport and HPMlog continue to look to the future. Our team looks forward to new challenges and exciting projects that we undertake together with our clients and take to completion.