The more reliable and efficient the standard operating processes are, the higher the quality of service you can offer your customers. HPMport provide a methodical and structured approach to planning processes and supporting IT systems. The cross-industry experience based on knowledge transfer from our sister company HPMlog creates additional innovation and enables the application of best-practice solutions from other industries, which are transferred to the operation of the terminal.

Process planning & management

In close cooperation with the client team, HPMport analyse and shape the standard operating procedures (SOP) for your terminal, from administration to handling. We plan lean and reliable processes as a basis for operation. Whether you wish to re-plan or adjust processes that are already in place, we pay attention to clear process structures, good traceability for employees and practicability of the processes in software systems. A clear concept for those responsible for the processes and interfaces forms the basis for a stable yet expandable process environment. We use easy-to-understand methods for visualising the processes and determine the right level of detail. The close integration of those who will be involved in the future is a prerequisite for acceptance when the new processes are implemented into the operation.

Selection of a terminal operating system

You generally have the choice between standardised, tailor-made and hybrid solutions. We jointly determine the right concept that best meets your needs and is suited to your future development. The advantages and disadvantages of each approach are examined and evaluated together with the individual requirements and the conditions of your terminal operation.

Functional specification

We create the functional specification for your terminal operating system. In addition to efficient SOP with the greatest possible level of standardisation, the analysis of the functional requirements of the software also takes their specific local conditions – such as legal customs regulations or administrative structures in the vicinity of the terminal – into account. Already at this stage, the interfaces are clearly formulated with regard to function. Also, the requirements for future integration with other systems are included in the specification.

Tendering and contracting

HPMport manage the purchasing process of your terminal operating system. The number of bidders is selectively limited by a preselection and prequalification. The tendering procedure and particularly its evaluation and selection process is adjusted to the evaluation criteria that are most important for you. This way, we find the right solution and the right supplier for the terminal operating system and peripheral systems to meet your individual requirements.

Realisation management and acceptance

Our experience in software projects in container terminal and warehouse logistics is: the success of an on-time, quality-oriented implementation by the various terminal operating system suppliers and the integration of subsystems into a functioning IT environment require continuous monitoring and coordination of the project partners concerning expertise as well as schedule. HPMport perform realisation management up to acceptance.   Along with consulting services in the sphere of terminal operating system, we support out clients with the planning, acquisition and introduction of IT systems for logistics management, such as

  • WMS Warehouse Management Systems
  • Fleet management
  • Management of materials and spare parts for the workshop
  • Management systems for terminal and logistics services