HPMport control or support your go-live from the concept phase through to the testing and commissioning of production operations, and accompany your operation during the subsequent ramp-up phase.


Realisation support

HPMport accompany the realisation of container handling equipment and IT systems for terminal and workshop operation. We coordinate technical requirements and changes, and manage the realisation and interfaces up to the acceptance of the equipment and software. This includes possible subsequent defects management.


HPMport develop concepts for the integration or migration of container handling equipment and software systems in order to minimise risks and achieve a safe transition of terminal functions to the new environment. We plan and manage the functional system integration and migration to ensure a reliable support of your business processes.

Commissioning & go-live

HPMport provide support during the commissioning phase according to your individual needs. This includes, among other things, the planning and coordination of the commissioning tests, as well as the documentation and evaluation of detected failures. We manage and accompany troubleshooting and coordinate any necessary need for change which is derived from lessons learned during testing and trial operation. Unexpected problems in the interaction between the subsystems are solved according to your requirements, ensuring the timely availability of the operating processes with the required quality and reliability for go-live. Our experience includes the commissioning of new facilities or those already operating if the transition is to take place with as little disruption and loss of performance as possible in this phase.

We offer to train your employees in the processes and in the use of the systems.

Ramp-up support

Limitations during ramp-up may arise even after extensive testing phases, and require operational support and troubleshooting particularly in the start-up phase. HPMport accompany you on the way to a stable production with stable processes and provide defects and change management, while taking the requirements of ongoing operations into account. We support the involved users in the ramp-up phase and act as a contact point for the proper application of the processes and systems.