Container Freight Station

Container Freight Station


Packing service company of a container terminal operator in Hamburg


Due to the vast extension of the container terminal, the relocation of several operation units, incl. a container freight station, were necessary. A new container freight station allocates a 14.000 m² area for stuffing / unstuffing and storage purposes. Along with the relocation, the operational area of the container freight station was reduced by 50% while keeping the throughput constant. HPMport were assigned to

  • design a logistics concept with regard to compensation of reduced operational area and maintaining the operational level
  • develop a phase-wise construction concept
  • plan an efficient and flexible transport connection to the adjoining container terminal, railway shunting yard via public roads

Our services

  • Requirements analysis and process description
  • Design of alternative logistics concepts, incl. definitions of operation tasks and processes
  • Development of several layouts for container freight station and operation under consideration of required logistics functions
  • Elaboration of possible railways sidings layouts, incl. road crossing concept
  • Planning of terminal traffic and linkage to public road network
  • Coordination of logistical and civil engineering restrictions, e.g. high water protection demands
  • Integration of requirements from side of approval authorities

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